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Welcome. Colleges of Education Academic staff Union (COEASU) is a …
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Sch. of Science Conference 2020

The School of Secondary education (Science programmes) will hold the …
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Provost, FCEKG

Inauguration of Committees

The executives of the Union constituted several committees to facilitate …
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The Union is keen to keep members fit and in good health. Hence, sports activities take place at the secretariat at least once a week. 

Consultative forum

The Union believes in tapping from experiences of past and present Chairmen of the Union and Deans, when there are issues to resolve. The Provost Prof. Faruk Rashid Haruna is equally approachable, friendly and amiable. He believes in discussions as a first step to resolve conflicts. Hence, the union  convenes consultative forum meeting when necessary. Such a meeting held recently. The pictures below were taken during the meeting.



Provost, Prof. Faruk Rashid Haruna



Chairman – Comrade Sonfada Usman Nagogo

Vice Chairman – Comrade Ada Inusa


Secretary – Comrade Attah Henry Attah


Asst. Sec. – Comrade Christie James



Treasurer – Comrade (Mrs) Leah Tsado


Fin. Sec. – Comrade (Dr) Arowolo Jacob


Auditor – Comrade Mustapha Barma


Social Director – Comrade Igba Emmanuel Igba


P.R.O. – Comrade Oba Rahman Taiwo